Help us improve Freesound! (2.0)

Dear Freesounders,

some of you will already know that as part of our research towards improving Freesound, we’ve been working on a tag recommendation system for Freesound. The goal of this system is to make it easier for you to tag your sounds and at the same time to try to get more comprehensive?sound descriptions. The better the sounds are described, the better?Freesound will be 🙂

One year ago we opened an online experiment to evaluate the tag recommendation system that is currently implemented in Freesound. Your participation and feedback was very helpful, and since then we’ve been working on a new version which includes some radical changes that we think will be very useful. For that reason, we are opening now a new online experiment in which we want to compare the new system with the one currently implemented in Freesound.

The new?experiment is called?Freesound tagging experiment 2, and in it you’ll have to annotate a total of 15 sounds. In the experiment,?not all of the participants will be using the new interface?to annotate these sounds, so don’t be surprised if you only see the typical tag recommendation interface.?After the experiment is finished, we will deploy a beta-testing version of the new interface so those who could not try it this time, will be able to do it later.

We kindly ask you to participate in the new experiment?that we have set up at? Please carefully read the instructions and follow all steps until the experiment is finished. It will take around 20 minutes.

So that is all for the moment,?thank you very very very much?in advance for your participation. ?I hope you find the experiment interesting!

keep on Freesounding!

ps: you can leave comments and suggestions?here

EDIT: Thank ?you all for participating! The experiment has been closed now with almost 200 participants! We really appreciate your effort 🙂



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2 Responses to Help us improve Freesound! (2.0)

  1. Stomachache says:

    It was all worth if for the fanfare at the end.

  2. Brian Dick says:

    An amateur film-maker I’m constantly picking up foleys from Freesound; it’s terrific!

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