Small new feature

Hi dear Freesounders!

today we’ve added a small new feature that should help those of you uploading sounds. We added a new page called “Uploaded?sounds awaiting moderation” to make it easier to keep track of the moderation status of your newly uploaded sounds. Once your sounds are uploaded, described and processed, you’ll see an indicator in the header of Freesound named ‘uploads’, with the number of sounds you have in moderation stage. This indicator is not visible when you have no sounds in moderation stage, or when your newly uploaded sounds have not been processed yet. By clicking at this indicator you’ll be directed to a page with the list of your sounds pending moderation and with links to the moderation ticket, to the edit page for the sound, and with a shinny warning indicating when a moderator added a comment regarding your sound and is awaiting your response.

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Hope you find this useful!


keep on Freesounding!


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1 Response to Small new feature

  1. 18hiltc says:

    Great feature now if we delete the email that directs us to the ticket now we can just go to the new feature indicator.

    I really appreciate what you guys do!!!!!!

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