Freesound promotional video!

Hey there freesounders!

You all know what Freesound is all about and why you like using it. However, if you want to know a bit more just watch this promotional video we’ve just released:

Share this video and help us promote Freesound and site make this amazing community bigger and bigger!

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5 Responses to Freesound promotional video!

  1. Kyster says:

    Really nicely done. Oh, and you remembered to atribute 😀

  2. N!tp!cker says:

    ERH does get a couple of credits, but not for “string 1 loop.wav”
    which rubs from 1:35 – 1:58

  3. luckylittleraven says:

    Awesome! Well done and thanks to everybody who works so hard for this great site.

  4. wilsonandrew441 says:

    Great job and many thanks for the site. Live long and prosper Freesound.

  5. Toz? Ribeiro says:

    Very useful.

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