Help improve Freesound and win a t-shirt!

Dear Freesounders,

As part of our research towards improving Freesound we are developing a tag recommendation system to help Freesound users tagging their sounds when they are uploaded.

Before implementing the system into Freesound we have started a testing phase in which we will compare several strategies for tag recommendation that we have developed. We will choose the best recommendation system according to your input.

For this, we kindly ask you to participate in an experiment?that we have set up at Please carefully read the instructions and follow all steps until the experiment is finished. It will take around 20 minutes.

Once we close the experiment we will randomly select two of the participants to receive a Freesound t-shirt?as a reward!

Thank you very much in advance for your participation. We believe you’ll enjoy the experiment and will be of invaluable in helping to improve Freesound.

keep on Freesounding!

ps: you can leave comments and suggestions here

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  1. JohnSmith says:

    Btw, don’t you mind using HTML5 preview for sounds? It’s really bad this site requires flash player. For example. flash player works quite bad in Linux and haves some nasty usability shortcomings.

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