Some new features!

Hello there Freesounders!

we would like to announce that we have introduced a couple of small new features, some of them were requested in the forums.

First of all, we have increased the number of sounds that can be described per round from 4 to 10. This will be specially useful for users that tend to upload a lot of sounds at once, and will help you have your sounds described quicker.
Also to easy up the description process, you will now be able to see the description of more than one sound at a time.

We also added query term highlighting in the sound descriptions of the search results page.

Furthermore we have added some minor layout improvements, fine-tuned anti-spam measures and updated the moderation interface in order to promote oldest sounds at the beginning of the queue. This way sound moderation will become closer to “first in first out”. ?And now that I’m talking about sound moderation, don’t forget that moderators are humans and do this task voluntarily in their free time. They take this responsibility very seriously and always do the moderation as fast as they can! They deserve a biiiiig hurrayyyy from the whole Freesound community!

Said that, keep on Freesounding!

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5 Responses to Some new features!

  1. Timbre says:

    Currently (April 20th 22:14) the uploader appear to be bolloxed : no fields are displayed when trying to describe an uploaded sound :?(

  2. Timbre says:

    Sorry my mistake, you now have to click on the file name before the description fields are displayed.

  3. Headphaze says:

    Amazing work as usual Fred!

    Much appreciated

  4. EagleStealthTeam says:

    Thank you for improving FreeSound. Keep them coming.

    And Thank You very much Moderators for spending your time to make FreeSound happen. Things wouldn’t go as well as they do if you weren’t giving your time to keep things smooth. You are the heartbeat of FreeSound.

    Thank you very much!

  5. toiletrolltube says:

    Appreciate 10, just right. Dobroide will be happy. Thanks for your work.

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