aaaand we’re back!

The Freesound team proudly announces that we have finished the migration and are finally back!

If you find any bugs or broken things please report them in the forums or using the contact form.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


– the Freesound team

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6 Responses to aaaand we’re back!

  1. iamme123 says:

    It looks like your server’s mail program is still not working, which means that new users don’t get the activation email, which means they can’t complete the registration process.

    That sucks. I was hoping to use these sounds for an immediate project and now I can’t. I hope you get this fixed soon.

  2. man says:

    I can’t get any confirmation link after i registered. or could you please just activate my account?? please !!! thanks

  3. Guillaume says:

    Hello, I just discovered the existence of freesound and it is great. however, I believe the registration process is broken, because the server doesn’t seem to send any email. It is therefor impossible to finish the registration process.



  4. Chris Bakos says:

    I have noticed a bit of trouble loading previews when searching for sounds. The preview will partially load and begin to play but stop loading and when the sound catches up to that point, the sound stops. I have also noticed that sounds seem to be taking a bit longer that I expect to download. One recently paused and never resumed reporting that it would take 9+ days to download. It was an 11MB file (#45045). I manual paused it on my end and resumed it and it came right down in a matter of moments.

  5. Chris Bakos says:

    And I am experiencing the download problem again today. This time with file #18766 and file #38392. Each has started to download about 5-10% of the file and stopped. The clock is ticking up claiming will take longer and longer. After a few minutes, we are at over 2 hours to download on each file.

  6. Chris Valentine says:


    I am waiting on activation code and would really like to register. I really new some sounds from here and its super important! Thank you for your time.

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