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Results of the Freesound Survey 2017

Dear Freesounders, As promised, here are some plots and charts and insights we got after analysing the more than 1,300 survey responses that you filled in some weeks ago. Warning: you’ll see some box plots in this post which might look strange. … Continue reading

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Christmas Special: VSCO 2 Community Edition

Dear Freesounders, We’re happy to announce that he have just finished uploading the Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2 Community Edition (VSCO 2 CE) sound library. That is ~3000 instrument samples including a wide variety of orchestral instruments and organised in ~70 packs, … Continue reading

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Introducing the Modular Samples library

Hi everyone, We’re glad to announce that we’re in the process of uploading around 70GB of analog synthesizer samples to Freesound*, aka the Modular Samples library, consisting of 40,000 samples organised in 461 packs, recorded from 20 different analog synthesizers and … Continue reading

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Yes, … we know (spam).

Hello everyone, Yes, we know. Freesound is under a MASSIVE spammer attack. We’re discussing internally how we will handle this situation. Just deleting the spam message isn’t enough as those &*%$%! spammers are creating spam quicker than we can delete … Continue reading

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